What are The Ways and Tips to Increase the Efficiency of the Air Conditioner?

What are The Ways and Tips to Increase the Efficiency of the Air Conditioner?

Due to the global climate changes, summers are getting warmer, and winter is getting unbearable cold. This brings us the requirement of an efficient heating system and air conditioners to keep ourselves comfortable during peak times. 

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Running an Air conditioner throughout the summer seasons can increase the electricity bills, and to overcome such a situation, we need to keep our AC maintained.  Deteriorating resources and inflation can also be a reason for the increased energy; these can easily result in higher bills. Sometimes we need to compromise with our comfort and rethink the usage of the AC in the high temperatures. 

 If your AC’s are efficient, they will consume less electricity, and the bills will reduce drastically.  Here are some ways by which you can keep your AC’s in good condition and maximize their efficiencies. 

AC units should have a clean space.

The AC units should be clean from inside and outside so that they can perform adequately. Dirt, leaves, and debris can cause significant harm to the units. Moreover, this requires more energy for the system to function adequately. Similarly, the area around both internal and external units should be clean. There should be no plant, trees, and other things near the outdoor unit, as these things can make the system inefficient. The indoor air should also be allowed uninterrupted airflow of some feet. 

 This will ensure efficient cooling from your AC units. 

Thermostat area should be clean.

The location of the thermostat plays an essential role in the efficiency of your AC unit. If the thermostat is placed in the hot area like near the sunny window, appliance, or lamp, it will not gauge your house’s temperature correctly. A skilled HVAC engineer knows this and will avoid placing the thermostat in the areas exposed to more heat. 

If you have an old system and it is placed at a wrong spot, you know the issue. 

AC filter change

 When the AC systems achieve maximum airflow, it will operate at top efficiency rates. A dirty filter can impact it badly. A dirty filter will reduce the air quality inside your house; it can also affect the airflow, making the job of your AC difficult. If you avoid addressing this issue, then it can lead to expensive repairs. 

Clean drain line

You can find the drain line next to the indoor system cooling. You can put 1 cup of chlorine bleach in the AC drain and rinse it with water; your AC drain will remain cleaning the entire summer months. You will not face any issue related to water occurrence. If the drain line block, you might face a severe AC efficiency issue, and you will call an Air Conditioning Service provider. 

It is also equally important to get your air conditioner service yearly to avoid any issue. The professional will check your AC and ensure that the equipment, ductwork, and connections are ready to work in warm weather. 

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