Furnace Maintenance in Quad Cities

Furnace Maintenance in Quad Cities

If you’ve been having issues with your HVAC system lately, perhaps it’s time consider looking into furnace maintenance in Quad Cities.We have been in business for a number of years, and know the signs of a poorly maintained system. We have technicians specifically trained in the art of finding and fixing malfunctions in your heating system, and can provide you with the solutions you need with utmost integrity.

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We have been in the industry for years, have excellent customer satisfaction rates and boast an outstanding sense of pride in our service- as well as a professional attitude. It’s our goal to assure every one of our clientele is happy with what we offer. Lauritsen Heating & Cooling, the indisputable leader in Furnace maintenance in Quad Cities.

Should I Maintain It Or Just Replace It?

Many people who are looking for a furnace maintenance in Quad Cities are asking whether or not it would be better to simply have their heater fixed, rather than upgrading to a newer model. Every customer ’s situation is different, and the details vary but we strive to find the balance between the age and potential of maintaining and fixing the current furnace or having it replaced.

Let’s Talk Dollars and Cents.

Occasionally it makes more sense, financially speaking- to foot the extra cost of a new heater to get a longer return on investment. However- in most cases, it might be more cost effective to have your current system repaired and maintained, as the cost of having a new one installed might prove to be more expensive. Consider how many years you may get out of the newer furnace before deciding to purchase one- it may be much cheaper to simply maintain the one you already have set up.

So How Can I Tell If It Is Worth Maintaining?

Our technicians are licensed and certified to provide you with any details relating to the technical operation of your heater. We can immediately tell if your furnace is worth maintaining for the foreseeable future. We have industry leading services and customer support options, and our technicians are ready to help you in this tough decision-making process. This decision requires know how and expertise, and that’s exactly what our employees are equipped with.

So if you are looking for Furnace maintenance in Quad Cities and surrounding areas. Give us a call today, We can be reached by phone at (563) 332-5353, or you can contact Lauritsen Heating & Cooling. directly over the web by dropping us a line here. We look forward to doing business with you, and providing you with the service you deserve.

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